Persian Chobi 119 x 85 CM


Persian Chobi Carpet


Size: 119 x 85 CM

Made in Afghanistan.

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Chobi” is derived from a Persian word “chob” meaning wood. According to some linguists, the meaning is not fixated to wood but anything that is related to the dyes found in the woods. Furthermore, Chobi Persian carpet has attributes that are not normally found in any other rug. For example, it is hand-knotted and is made on the spindles.

Dyes are made out of best yet natural dyes materials found in forests and woods. Those are the parameter of maintaining quality and worth. Some of the findings from the forests to achieve the required dyes include; peels of fruits, roots of the plants and trees, skins of vegetables, tree barks, dried flowers, and shells of the nuts.


PS: The color shades can be slightly different from the pictures. The images we display have the most accurate color possible.
However, there can be reasonable variations in color shades and patterns, as the carpet is handmade
Length and Width can vary between few centimetres as its a hand-knotted carpet.

Please view all photos to avoid any inconvenience.

Certificate of authenticity is also provided with this carpet.



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