Persian Khaja Roshnayi Carpet


Size: 190 x 141 CM

Made in Afghanistan.

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Most tribal rugs get their name from either the region or the tribe that created them. The Khwaja Roshnayi rugs, as the name suggests were made by the people in this village which is located close to Mazar-e-sharif in Afghanistan.


Khawaja Roshnai: It is among the most highly prized of all Afghan rugs. These rugs utilize a very small knots and motifs and are often called the ‘cat’s foot’ design. They seem to have a silk-like vibrancy even though they are hand spun wool pile knotted on wool warp and cotton weft threads. Decorators will love the deep rich red from one end and a lighter red from the opposite end. The border patterns and the variation of the gul / minor gul pattern are specific to the Khawaja Roshnayi rugs. The dyes all come from natural a source which means that these colors will age like a fine wine and become richer and more complex with passage of time.

PS: The color shades can be slightly different from the pictures. The images we display have the most accurate color possible.
However, there can be reasonable variations in color shades and patterns, as the carpet is handmade
Length and Width can vary between few centimetres as its a hand-knotted carpet.

Please view all photos to avoid any inconvenience.

Certificate of authenticity is also provided with this carpet.

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Navy Blue, Red


200 x 150 CM


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